Temple Siren

Located in the diversity-rich neighborhood of Capitol Hill in Seattle, Washington, Temple Siren is an intentionally created sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the big city lights. This luxurious holistic wellness and detoxification spa is a cross between a lush secret garden, an upscale apothecary, and an intimate date with the divine.


Featuring full-service skin and soul treatments — such as activated charcoal facials, aromatic essential oils, medicinal mushroom elixirs, and ozone therapeutic applications — Temple Siren sets itself apart from typical day spa fare. When a client steps into the space, they are transported to another time and place.

Holistic Approach

This Temple was created with the overburdened Siren in mind. With the demands in our daily lives mounting, the rise in unhealthy living increasing, and the true meaning of health at the forefront of everyone’s minds, it is time to change how we make our way in this world. We welcome you to our house.