4 Reasons to Get Well In a Salt Cave This Weekend

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Everyone dreams of relaxing in a lounge chair at the beach, breathing in that moist, salty sea air. But for those times you can’t visit the beach, a salt cave can be just as good.

You might be wondering what a salt cave is, and why you would even want to sit in a cave made of salt in the first place. But the salt cave experience is far more that—soothing pink Himalayan salt is designed to deliver a wide range of mental and physical benefits, such as…

It may help you breathe easier

Salt room and salt cave benefits are explained by the alternative medicine technique known as halotherapy, which could help decrease the symptoms of some respiratory illnesses. That’s because the salt’s negative ions can purify the air, increasing your lung capacity and more. Salt caves can also:

  • Decrease inflammation and mucous production, making it easier for you to breathe
  • Provide relief to those who suffer from allergies, chronic congestion, COPD and asthma
  • Provide relief and protection from the flu (salt is antifungal and antiviral)
  • It can make your skin look great

    The type of salt used in salt caves boasts upward of 80 separate minerals that are readily absorbed through your skin, meaning you’re actually nourishing your entire body as you sit and relax.

    Though it might sound ridiculous—usually we associate salt with dehydration—mineral salts are the total opposite, and actually help moisturize your body. Mineral salts can sometimes even help clear up skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis!

    It can boost your mood

    Some salt cave experts claim that spending less than an hour inside a salt cave is about equivalent to spending a couple days at the beach!

    If the thought of a little R&R by the sea doesn’t make you feel better, consider this:

    Negative salt ions may have a mood-boosting and energy-renewing effect on the body, and people who enjoy a salt cave session now and then may find relief for conditions like stress, SAD, and insomnia.

    It can help you unplug

    Feeling anxious or stressed out? Salt cave sessions can help you leave your worries behind—most people who visit our salt cave report feeling more positive and uplifted afterwards, and the meditative possibilities of a salt cave session shouldn’t be underestimated.

    Achieve health and wellness at Seattle’s premier salt cave

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