Our Code of Honor

1. We believe that your body is one unified system where all parts affect the whole.

2. We believe stress is the root cause of most modern ailments. We’ll reduce those stressors, thus improving your ailments.

3. We believe that many modern solutions to these modern problems just don’t work, and some can even cause you more harm than good. Our treatments are designed to help—and that’s it.

4. We believe in solving your issues rapidly instead of simply managing your symptoms for years on end. We offer solutions, not simply treatments.

5. We believe true health and well-being starts at the cellular level. We’ll help you take care of your cells, so your cells can take care of you. Improving your internal conditions will lead to external improvements.

6. We believe in a complete and comprehensive holistic approach of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

7. We believe your needs are unique. Every Siren requires a different approach to create true health and well-being. What works for you may be different than what works for me!

Welcome to Temple Siren!

Meet Leanna.

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Leanna May

Temple Siren Founder

Leanna May is a self-made millionista who built a legacy on helping others. She’s your peaceful soul alchemist, powerhouse, wife, mother and master womanifestor. She’s also the founder of Temple Siren—a sanctuary founded on the belief that you have what it takes to heal from the inside out and create beauty from within.

Leanna works up close and personal with world leaders, rockstars, entrepreneurs and mompreneurs, and knows just how stressful life for the modern Siren truly is. She created Temple Siren to help women just like you detoxify, destress, relax, rejuvenate and restore the body, spirit and mind to supernatural levels.

Above all else, Leanna and Temple Siren embody the art of relaxation, the power of healing, and the science of having it all.