Hidden Dangers of Your Daily Health and Beauty Products

You might not realize it, but your favorite skincare and beauty products could be significant contributors to your daily exposure of chemicals and toxins.

The truth is, most commercially produced, store-bought beauty products are packed with artificial fragrances, colors, preservatives and stabilizers that are easily absorbed through your pores, and carry with them a risk for long-term health effects.

So should you just give up on your beauty routine altogether?

Not quite. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make your skin, teeth, nails and hair look amazing using all-natural products that won’t turn your body into a science experiment. We’ll dive into all that in a later post, but for now, let’s focus on the bad news…

The Hidden Secret of Most Beauty Products

Sadly, most of the mass-produced products we use every day (and not just the beauty products) are absolutely loaded with a laundry list of synthetic, damaging ingredients.

Buying skincare products is especially tricky, with countless hard-to-pronounce ingredients blanketing just about every label on shelf of every store.

When you’re looking for new skincare products, follow the same guidelines you would use for a healthy diet—unprocessed ingredients, no harsh chemicals, nothing artificial. The closer your product is to what could be found naturally, the better it will treat your skin and the more it will improve your health rather than damage it.

Store-bought products usually contain come combination of toxic ingredients that are linked to all kinds of issues, from hormonal problems, infertility, irregular periods and sometimes even cancer!

Hormone imbalances can be particularly problematic since so many products contain ingredients with the potential to disrupt your hormones. They come in the form of exogenous hormones, which come from outside the body but are still treated by your body as real hormones.

Sometimes called “endocrine disruptors,” many compounds so accurately resemble estrogen that your body can’t tell the difference. When they’re used by your body instead of regular hormones, your natural hormones can’t do their job—leading to issues where you’re severely lacking or overproducing certain substances, but your body and brain have no idea there’s a problem.

The Beauty Industry Is Almost Totally Unregulated

Right, so how in the world are these companies getting away with this? It’s easy:

Personal care and cosmetic product regulation is virtually nonexistent, and products need only to pass very basic requirements to make it onto the market.

That’s not the scariest fact, though. It gets worse:

  • Most store-bought skincare products have labels that are straight out of a horror movie, and it’s likely that your typical health/beauty regimen is exposing you to hundreds or thousands of chemicals every day
  • Even in the USA, the skincare industry is highly unregulated
  • Most skincare products contain derivatives of petroleum or other inorganic compounds that clog your pores and reduce your skin’s ability to get rid of toxins, leading to more acne and premature aging
  • Some products even contain dangerous parabens (which are used for preservation), synthetic colors (which come from coal tar, petroleum or worse), artificial fragrances (which are sometimes linked to respiratory diseases and allergies), toluene (a compound used to dissolve paint), and our old friend sodium lauryl sulfate (which can lead to respiratory and kidney damage)
  • Slathering your skin in chemicals on a daily basis will only harm your body’s natural healing processes, affecting your immune system, eyes, respiratory system, and much more than just your skin
  • Store-bought products are also pretty bad for the environment, with many containing chemicals that are derived from fossil fuels, and coming in big, wasteful plastic containers or bottles
  • Skincare and beauty products are truly the Wild West, and you never know if what you’re buying is actually safe. But what can we do?

    Go Natural or Go to the Spa

    If health, wellness and cleanliness are the name of the game, you’d almost be better off not using anything than exposing yourself to the million chemicals we’ve just gone over. Luckily for you, it’s never too late to save your body from that chemical soup and restore balance to your hormones and skin.

    In our next post, we’ll go over some of the best natural skincare products you can make at home, where the ingredients labels are only a couple words long instead of a couple paragraphs.

    And if your body is really in need of a hard reset, it might be time to schedule an intervention at Temple Siren. Our holistic approach to beauty and wellness is just what you need to purge toxins, revitalize your body, and transport your mind to an oasis of relaxation.