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Skin care packages built just for you.


Let’s face it—between sun exposure, car exhaust, aging, and the thousands of other daily toxins we’re exposed to on a regular basis, our faces really take a beating. Luckily, Temple Siren’s rejuvenating facial treatments are just what you need to look and feel totally refreshed again.

Whether you’re dealing with acne issues, excessive oil, wrinkles or dryness, Temple Siren has a facial package for you. Remember, you only get one set of skin—come let our master estheticians take you on a journey that will leave you feeling like a true siren.


We currently offer 4 amazing facial packages, meaning we’re bound to have something for everyone! When it comes to refreshing, rejuvenating, healing and protecting your face, our master estheticians just can’t be beat!

Temple Siren Signature Facial

Let our signature facial lull you away to a place of pure relaxation, leaving your skin soft, refreshed, and hydrated. The Signature Facial includes a hydrodermabrasion treatment along with anti-aging, hydrating, and nourishing products for all-around brighter, smoother and tighter skin.

Cleopatra's Retreat Facial

Travel back in time with this age-defying and revitalizing facial, which combines the exfoliating and softening effects of milk, the enzymatic exfoliating properties of pumpkin peel, and the tightening and toning effects of pure gold. This facial will make you feel like Cleopatra herself!

Not Your Mother's Acne Facial

This facial uses powerful green clay and charcoal to purge impurities, alongside herbal tea to leave your skin feeling cleansed, detoxed, refreshed, and healthy. It might not be your mother’s facial, but she’d probably approve—especially after it makes your acne take a hike.

Protect and Soothe Me Facial

Oat and honey cleanser meets papaya and pineapple enzymes (and much more) to soothe, hydrate, and relax your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed like never before. This facial will give your skin the boost it needs shake off the effects of all those nasty chemicals we’re exposed to every day.


Your face is so easily damaged by all the daily pollutants we’re exposed to...but we at Temple Siren are experts at reversing that damage to bring out a healthier, more beautiful you.

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Temple Siren is very inviting. Just being there I feel healthier and more mindful of my body and mind.

Becca Smith

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Temple Siren is an oasis of healing magic. The moment you walk in the door, you are hugged with healing energy.

Eric. R

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If you want to relax with your souls and body Temple Siren is the best for that. Thank you for bringing it to us!

Lesia Wilcox


How do facials work?

There are many types of facial ingredients, but the general premise is that we’re trying to restore a natural balance to your skin while reversing the effects of both environmental damage and issues caused by toxins and pollutants.

Our facials are designed to cleanse, smooth, firm, and moisturize your skin to make you feel and look healthier and happier.

How many sessions will I need to see results?

Like our other treatments, our facial packages are designed to deliver immediate results to our clients.

Facials should be done in conjunction with a program to limit your intake of and exposure to those harmful chemicals and pollutants in the first place, however—we want to correct the source of the problem and not just the symptoms!

I have X problem. Will your facials help?

People visit us for facials for a variety of reasons, with some of the most common being:

  • Deep cleansing of the pores
  • Improving oily or dry skin
  • Rejuvenating skin that feels or looks prematurely aged
  • Relaxation and de-stressing

The best part about Temple Siren is that we’re big on customizing our treatments to help achieve your specific goals and defeat your skincare issues once and for all.

Plus, we offer several facial packages to begin with, meaning there’s something for everyone!


Ready to put on your best face? Fill out this brief form, and we’ll help you book a facial experience like no other.